EAT: Dark chocolate cookie dough brownie bombs


Disclaimer: It’s almost impossible to have too much of a good thing, but one bite of these is enough to last me all day!

While on pinterest during my awfully slow week at work last week, I came across a post titled Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs by Hayley at The Domestic Rebel. I was  intrigued, because while I’ve made all sorts of truffle like goodies in the past, I never thought to flatten brownies and wrap them around cookie dough. You can find the recipe and an entertaining post at The Domestic Rebel (linked above). I’m still working on food photography in my poorly lit apartment, so below is the picture of how these turned out! You’re just lucky I remembered to take pictures at all!

I made a few of my own changes to these, but left them mostly the same. I used dark chocolate brownie mix and dipped them in dark chocolate Nestle baking chocolate. I ended up using two bars. After the first went surprisingly quickly, I mixed some coconut oil into the second batch to make it go further. I suppose the ones with the coconut oil will melt quicker, and they certainly took longer to dry. (They’re the shiny ones in the pic below!) UPDATE: Adding the coconut oil makes them melt super fast, so make sure to leave them in the fridge or freezer! They will melt just from holding them for a few seconds.

Some tips if you try to make these:

  • Don’t worry about getting the cookie dough balls perfectly round in the first step, they’re easily molded later.
  • When smashing the brownie, you may want to lift it off gently with a butter knife so it doesn’t stick to whatever you’re smashing it on (I used wax paper).
  • I cut off the very edge of the brownies that were a little crusty because that part didn’t wrap around the cookie dough so easily, but you could use that part if you want to.
  • Just set the cookie dough ball on the smashed brownie square and then kinda smush it all together and roll between your hands to make a ball.
  • Make your chocolate go further by adding coconut oil (or I’ve also used crisco in the past) This also makes it slightly easier to dip.




If you try these, let me know how it goes!


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