Hi! Thanks for stopping by! If you’re someone other than friends or family of mine, you win a prize! (Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome?)

I’ve decided to start a blog because I live by myself. This means I spend a lot of time doing creative things,  cooking things, and just plain being awesome (or binge-watching every TV show on the planet when I feel like it). The problem with this is I don’t have anyone to share these things with! Sure, my coworkers sometimes get treats when I feel like sharing, but I do believe my mom gets sick of the billion phone calls telling her everything I think I’d like to tell someone and my sister is always at work or something so….that leaves you!

I’d like this to be a travel blog, but as I don’t have any travel plans in the near future (which depresses me), this blog is going to be about living, traveling, eating and creating….and hopefully you’ll get something useful out of it!

For a breakdown of the four main categories of this blog, please see my about page.

So join me on my adventures of cooking, traveling, creating, and living through this crazy thing called life!


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