LIVE: The freebie game


Everyone likes getting something for free, right? I’ve been in on the internet freebie craze for a few months now, and it’s slightly addicting. If all I have to do is “like” something on facebook and they’ll send me a free sample then I’m definitely going to do it. I like this much better than couponing, because I don’t have to print anything out, do any math, or remember to actually take the coupons to the store.

The best freebies, however, are full-size freebies. These are a bit harder to come by, but they’re definitely out there! Sometimes, there are even instant-win games you can play. One day I got a $20 gift card from Target and $10 in Live Nation Concert Cash within minutes of each other. The Target card came from a Trick-or-Treat app on Target’s facebook and the concert cash was courtesy of Twix.

Recently, I’ve received two full-size bottles of Eucerin lotion (from their Spin-to-win game on facebook), a full-size Olay moisturizer and Cover Girl mascara from Allure magazine, a full-size lip gloss from Smashbox Cosmetics, and a Spa-breeze razor from Venus, a beer chalice from Stella Artois, several magazine subscriptions,  as well as a packet of flower seeds, numerous shampoo/conditioner and laundry samples and coupons and a sample packet of Airborne products.

All this from checking a few websites for freebie alerts during my lunch break everyday! There are so many sites out there that do the legwork for you and all you have to do is click a link and enter your info. Granted, I’ve started getting more spam email since I started doing this, but you could always set up a new email account or use one that you don’t use very often. Sometimes, the freebies never come, but they usually just take several weeks (or months) to arrive. I’ve usually forgotten what’s supposed to be coming by the time it gets here, so checking my mail is like an instant-win game everyday 🙂 When you sign up you’ll usually get a message saying when it should come. It’s usually at least 6 weeks.

Like I said, there are a ton of freebie sites out there! Now that I’ve liked a bazillion companies on facebook, I usually find good freebies from random facebook posts of the company. Check sites multiple times a day for the best results. Freebies are usually time sensitive or have limits and are sometimes announced only minutes before they start. For example: they will be giving away a freebie to the first 1000 people who enter at 2pm EST or to the first 10,000 people but don’t disclose when the “contest” opens. Everyone has their own favorite sites, but here are a few I’ve used and like: – updated multiple times a day, just posts the freebie with no commetary – not updated as often, but more entertaining as he posts commentary and tips on how to get the freebies sometime.

Try searching “Freebies” or “Free Samples” in your favorite search engine to find more!

Now, you should also be a bit wary of what sites you’re using. If it’s asking for a lot of information and you’re not comfortable giving it out, then don’t. If it seems like it’s not legit, go somewhere else. Some will only ask for an email and will email you coupons. For others, you’ll need to provide your actual address as they’ll be mailing it to you. Some people have told me they put a fake address, which defeats the purpose as someone else ends up with the freebie and not you. Most will ask for your birthday as well, and there’s nothing saying you have to enter your actual birthday if that makes you uncomfortable (just make sure to put you’re over 18!)

I only sign up for things I actually want and the smaller sample sizes I either use when I travel, or give to my sister who makes up care packages to keep in her car to hand out to the homeless.



Top photo: Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Cream, Eucerin Professional Repair Body Lotion, Olay Moisturizer, Curel Ultra Healing Balm, Cover Girl Last Blast Fusion Mascara.

Bottom Photo: Venus Spa Breeze Razor, Downey Unstoppables, Tide Pods original, Downey Infusions Fabric Softener, Shout Color Catcher, Tide Pods (boost vivid), Woolite Extra Dark Care sample, Crest 3D White Toothpaste, Crest 3D white strips

Have you gotten any good freebies?


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