CREATE: Dresser to TV stand


Hello! So….it seems I fail at keeping my blog updated. I have no excuses. I’m lazy and recently discovered the TV show Gossip Girl which may have taken over my life for a little bit. I also just moved to a new apartment and I’m still recovering/decorating/unpacking. Still, my only excuse is I’m lazy and I just haven’t been inspired lately to do much of anything….

On to the topic of this post. Awhile back, I saw something similar on pinterest and asked my mother to keep an eye out for cheap old dressers that I could turn into a TV stand. Little did I know this beauty was sitting in my parent’s garage. We’d tried to sell it, but potential buyers decided it was too small. It really is too small for clothes, unless you’re using it for an infant I guess! Lucky for me, that meant it’s still mine! It was purple and red (in high school my room was shades of purple, orange and red which I thought was bohemian…) Anyway, a good coat of primer and some lovely new paint colors brought it back to life!

It used to have two smaller drawers in the top shelf, but my handy-dandy father removed the tracks they were on and the wooden piece in the middle and fitted a white board (re-purposed from yet another childhood dresser) in the top to make a flat surface. He then cut some holes in the back for cords and my mom painted the rest of the inside the same color as the drawers. I wanted a space to put my cable box, internet modem, DVD player and such where they were out of the way and not cluttering up anywhere. I just switched cable/internet providers and turns out my new one has a much smaller box (on the left) and the internet modem has to stay upright so it’s still up beside the TV. The drawers work perfectly for storing DVDs and other odds and ends out of sight. As an extra bonus, all the cords are hidden away behind the dresser so I don’t have to look at them anymore.

I’m sorry to say I failed at picture-taking once again and have no before or during pictures to show you. If you want to try it yourself, go for it! It’s super simple (though I suppose some dressers might be more complicated than others!) The hardest part is fitting a board on the inside top shelf, so hopefully you’re handy like that or know someone who is!



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