Live: Tieks by Gavrieli Review


 Ok – so I know this is turning into a lot of reviews, but I just happen to have a lot of things to review right now. I promise I’ll get back to more Eat, Create, and Travel posts but I just haven’t been in a cooking/baking/creative mood lately!


I found these flats called Tieks through facebook, a friend had liked their page because they donate $1 of every like to women living in poverty, so of course I “liked” them. Then I looked into them more because I liked the look of them. After reading numerous reviews, I decided the price was just too much for me to buy some. Fast forward a few months and I found a facebook offer for $50 off. Now, I NEVER pay more than about $60 for a pair of shoes, so these were still out of my price range at $125 with coupon. I realized, however, that coupons probably aren’t available all the time, and this might be my only chance to get them. I started looking up review after review online and everyone seemed to think these were the miracle flat that worked for everything and were actually comfortable. I’ve been looking for a nice, comfortable pair of black flats I can wear to work and not worry about the fact I may have to walk across campus that day (I work at a large university). I rationalized that if these really were miracle shoes I wouldn’t mind paying that price because I’d wear them so often and I’d get to quit buying cheap flats that end up killing my feet. I should probably warn you now that I am not a flat person, and I’ve yet to find a flat that’s truly comfortable. 


So I splurged, and I have to say they did NOT live up to their expectation. Most of the reviews I found for them seemed to be from people who had somehow scored a free pair though so that may have biased their reviews a little bit even if it wasn’t intentionally. If I had gotten these for free, I probably would have kept them but I ended up sending them back. 


The box they came in was adorable, and I love the fact they have blue soles, but these just didn’t work for my feet. They don’t come in half-sizes and since I usually wear a size 8 I didn’t think it’d be a problem. When the size 8 arrived, they were just a bit too tight and squeaked loudly with every step I took. Several reviews said they would stretch a bit to fit your feet, but you can’t return them if you wear them enough to break them in and I couldn’t afford a $125 pair of shoes I couldn’t wear. I didn’t even want to try to break them in because the squeaking was so obnoxious. I got on their website and it was super easy to request an exchange so I decided to try a size 9 even though I’ve never worn a size 9 in my life. A few days later the size 9 shoes arrived along with a return shipping label for the pair I decided to send back. Unfortunately, while the size 9 felt a lot better and didn’t squeak, they were a tad too loose and I could feel them rubbing my feet. I guess I really need an 8.5, but they don’t make that size! I got back on their website and requested a return, and they emailed me a label to send the other pair back as well. Once they receive both pairs, I’ll get my refund.


So, while I love the idea of these shoes and think they’re super duper cute, they just didn’t work for me. At least I know I tried now and can quit wanting to buy them. Their customer service was superub, so if you’re on the fence about getting them know that it’s super easy to send them back if they don’t work out 🙂  


And here’s some pics:






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