EAT: Pearl Couscous Soup


I’m finally getting around to another post, and this time it’s about food! I was supposed to go shopping with a friend today, but it decided to snow non-stop all night and most of today so we decided not to go. I declared it a snow day and have been crafting and baking all day 🙂 I started by making some bread in the bread machine and throwing some soup in the crockpot. I also have gingerbread cookie dough chilling in the fridge! I’ve also made great progress on the baby afghan I’m crocheting (there will most likely be a post on that when it’s finished!)

Anyway – on to the soup! I’m a big fan of couscous and when I found a recipe for pearl couscous soup I had to try it. I hadn’t used pearl (also called Israeli) couscous before and was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to find it at my regular store, but I found a small jar of tri-colored pearl couscous on the top shelf near where the regular couscous is. This recipe is vegan (though I’m not vegan), but you could easily add some chicken or beef if you think you need it, though I think it works perfectly fine without it! It was super easy, throw it all in the crockpot, stir, and forget it! I cut the recipe in half and it was done in about an hour and a half on high. I omitted the onion and green pepper because I didn’t have onions and I don’t like green peppers. I added some onion powder to get some of the onion taste.  I also didn’t have plain oregano so I used Italian seasoning, and I also only had tomato basil pasta sauce, but it turned out delicious! Note that the couscous gets bigger as it cooks, so if it doesn’t look like much don’t be concerned! I ate it with fresh bread and cheese.

No picture today as I dug right in and forgot to take one, but here’s the ingredient list and a link to the recipe which does have pictures 🙂

Ingredients: Pearl couscous, red kidney beans, carrots, vegetable broth, pasta sauce, diced tomatoes, oregano, salt, pepper, green pepper

Recipe at Vegan in the Freezer



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