Live: New Yoga Wear – Fabletics Review


I’m still working on my 30 day yoga challenge, and I think I’m going to be pretty sad when the month is over (maybe I’ll just start back from day 1!) I’m on day 15 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon (though keeping it up through Thanksgiving at home MAY be a challenge since my parent’s internet doesn’t do streaming very well and a certain puppy dog loves to try to do it with you!)

Keeping along the lines of the yoga challenge, I wanted to share with you all about Fabletics, which are the new workout clothes I’ve just discovered that are perfect for yoga (they have stuff more suited for running and other activities as well). I think it’s partly the new outfit that makes me want to do yoga just so I can wear it, but that’s the beauty of finding exercise clothes you like! I ordered these online, which I never do, and was nervous about the fit, but the website assured me they had great customer service and returns if I didn’t like them. It helped that if you sign up and order within 24 hours that your first outfit is 50% off, making it $25 for both a top and bottom (good exercise clothes are never that cheap!) First they’ll give you a quick quiz to determine which outfits they think are best for you and then you can browse recommended outfits as well as their entire collection. To get the discount, you have to become a VIP member which means they’ll send recommended outfits to your email on the first of every month and you need to either buy an outfit or log in and “skip” the month, or they’ll charge you for the month anyway. You can skip as many months as you’d like, or cancel, and the prices are cheaper if you’re a member!

The thing that originally got me interested in this brand was that I saw it in SHAPE magazine and Kate Hudson helped create it. I’m easily suggestible to things I see that I like in magazines, but I can rarely afford them so finding out this was something I could afford made me happy. Kate Hudson also happens to be one of my favorite actresses, which also swayed me to buy! Shipping was free and when they arrived, it was a perfect fit! They sell them in outfits, which I like since I don’t have to figure out what pieces go best together (or you can buy separately but it’s cheaper as an outfit!) I got the Nadi leggings and Oula tank (outfit was named Drive) and if I could live in this outfit forever, I would. It’s that comfortable. The shirt doesn’t ride up when I’m doing upside down yoga poses and the leggings sit slightly higher than normal on the waist so they also stay in place and you don’t have to pull them up during a workout. If these were just a bit cheaper, I’d buy a lot more but for now I’ll have to settle for treating myself to a new outfit every few months!

They’re also doing a yoga Instagram challenge this month where you post a pic of yourself doing a certain pose everyday (goes perfectly with my yoga challenge anyway so I’m participating!) Here is yesterday’s picture of me in my outfit doing down dog (I have no idea why there area bunch of yellow dots on this photo) :


For the record yoga selfies are not easy! And since the lighting in my apartment isn’t great, here’s what it looks like on their website:


If you’re interested in checking them out here’s the link: Fabletics  

*For full disclosure I’m writing this entirely on my own and not being compensated to endorse Fabletics in any way. The link is my personal referral link and if you click it and end up buying I’ll get reward points for referring you.*


LIVE: 30 day Yoga Challenge


A friend of my recently came to visit and while she was here I mentioned that I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga, but I haven’t been able to find a studio nearby that has decent prices or class times I can attend. She told me she had found the 30 Day Yoga Challenge on and really liked it. Since I’m a fan of monthly challenges (see my post on Earth Hour), I was game to give it a try!

As soon as she left, I looked it up and because this is a FREE daily yoga challenge, I decided to try it for myself and it’s GREAT! I’m not sure when it first launched, but you can join at any time and they’ll email you a new video every day (they’re also all on YouTube so you don’t have to get them emailed daily and you don’t have to go in order if you really don’t want to). This is a great option for me because I can do yoga in my living room whenever I want and wear whatever I want and I don’t have to worry about being on time for class or paying for it. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to try yoga, but being scared off by the prices, this is definitely worth a shot! You’ll probably need a yoga mat, but the courses are designed so that you don’t need to buy any other props (blocks, straps, etc…) so it’s a relatively risk-free way to try yoga. If you’re like me, you’ve dabbled in yoga before and have a mat or two laying around somewhere (or maybe know someone who does).

The videos are all relatively short with most falling between 10-20 minutes and each has a focus for the day (yoga for the lower back, yoga for core strength, yoga for runners, learning crow pose, etc…) and unlike a lot of online yoga videos in which I find the instructors boring, I really like the instructor (Erin Motz) for these. She makes sure to give variations of poses so anyone from beginners to someone who’s been practicing for awhile can get something out of these and I also like her sense of humor – she makes it fun. Did I mention it’s FREE? That’s the best part 🙂

I found this at just the right time too, because Erin Motz and DoYouYoga just launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the 30 Day Yoga Challenge into an online yoga platform complete with hundreds of yoga classes. Their campaign ends in December and has already been completely funded but the cool thing is that while My Yoga Pro will not be free, if you get in early as a backer you can secure a lifetime access pass to it for less than the annual membership will be once it’s launched. I decided to back it early and for $45 I secured a lifetime pass (I believe the annual pass will be around $100). I think this is a worthwhile investment because I really like the instructor and it’s cheaper than one month of classes at a local studio. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check it out at the link below! I think the $45 level was limited and is now gone, but there are other less expensive levels, or higher ones. Of course, you can always wait until it launches and pay full-price for access, but who wants to do that?

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Kickstarter for My Yoga Pro   

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated to promote this and they have no idea I am writing this, I just really like the Challenge and am looking forward to trying out My Yoga Pro!